Survivor Story: Jim Clary

From a fish out of water, to a cancer survivor……
If you are like me, then you have an unyielding belief that everything happens for a reason. In the spring of 2011, after a lifetime of competitive swimming and coaching, and eight years as the SkanRaces Water Safety Director, I climbed on a bike for the first time in over thirty years. I had been looking for some “athletic fun” away from the pool during the daylight-savings months, and the fact that I had been surrounded by triathletes since the first SkinnyMan made the bike a no-brainer.
Three or four days a week I would ride either bright and early before work or to relax at the end of the day. We have some of the most beautiful countryside to peddle through that sometimes you can even lose track of the crazy hills!
Six months ago I began a new journey. It started with a lump on my neck followed by a bunch of tests, two months of chemotherapy and radiation, then surgery. Finally, a few weeks ago my doctor said the miraculous words “cancer free.” Along the way I was overwhelmed by the support and prayers of so many people. Also along the way I lost 30 lbs, and a ton of strength. I returned to work last week, and now need to figure out how to go about rebuilding myself. So, everything happens for a reason. The same month I was diagnosed, the Alive! Foundation was born. Their mission is to help people like me figure out how to find my way back to “normal.” On July 13th, I will be walking with the survivors, and riding my bike at least 25 miles!